48-Hour Nationwide installation - Convenient, express installations to fit in with your schedule. We are also able to cover weekends if needed.



VT LIVE offer a 30 day notice period. This allows you to increase and decrease your fleet and fit tracking without worrying about long leases or downsizing your fleet.



All VT LIVE rental units come with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind. One less thing to worry about. Compare this to most of our competitors who offer a 1 year warranty!



Screen sharing, training and help guides make using the system a breeze. In case of support please call.



VT LIVE offers a flexible monthly rental agreement which covers sim charges, mapping, multiple users, warranty, upgrades, training, support and advice for just £24.99 per month.


Simple to use

The system is simple to use with many 1-click features.

Full training is provided and there are also video tutorials for many areas of the system


0800 334 5120

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Unlock the power of knowing
where your fleet is at all times

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customer service

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response times

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Improve your green credentials
reduce CO2 emissions

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protect your assets - Increase
Fleet Safety and Security



With such a pressure on companies to hit targets, KPI’s and response times, just completing jobs can be a challenge.

VT LIVE allows you see where your fleet is in real time, allowing you to make better more informed decisions as though in the passenger seat. This allows you to give customers more accurate ETA′s and spot potential problems before they happen.

The system is suitable for fleets from 1-1000 vehicles, with benefits for smaller fleets as well as for larger ones.

Saving Time

  • Stop having to telephone your drivers to find out who can attend the latest ‘urgent job’
  • Send the closest engineer, using proximity search.
  • Be able to see when a job is completed or see immediately if a vehicle has stopped en-route.
  • Know all your drivers are mobile at the appointed start time.
  • If an engineer is running late be able to warn the customer.
  • Keep an eye on the live traffic conditions overlaid on the map to assist your drivers.
  • Accurate invoicing based on confirmed timings.
  • Fewer disputes (proof of delivery) and happier customers
  • Less driving and more time spent working mean your staff finish earlier.
  • Automated timesheets
  • Improvements provided by the system continue to drive savings through smarter working.

Saving FUEL

  • Optimising your journeys leads to less miles driven.
  • More planning and less chasing means less aggressive driving.
  • With better job allocation, the closest driver is chosen saving wasted miles.
  • Reduce idling and unauthorised mileage.
  • Reduce speeding incidents and CO2 emissions.
  • Review harsh acceleration, braking, steering to improve driver behaviour.
  • Assists with ISO 14001 – improving environmental targets.

There are many additional benefits:-

  • Improved vehicle security
  • Unauthorised vehicle usage out of hours and at weekends
  • Eliminating bogus fuel fill-ups to other vehicles
  • Reducing your fleet accident rate, lowering insurance premiums
  • Improving driver standards
  • Easier to protect the company from fake insurance claims
  • Demonstrate ‘Duty of Care’ compliance
  • Improving safety for lone workers
  • Reduce stress in the workplace. Both for Operational staff and Field staff, by managing workloads better.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our system or have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0800 334 5120 / 0333 577 3500.

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